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Incredible Efforts, A True Gem
Incredible Efforts, A True Gem

On a whim my wife and I decided to take a look at a short sale house in North Forest Beach while on Thanksgiving vacation with our family, with no real intention of purchasing at that time. We met Tammy Moody to show us through the house and a few others in our range. Both my wife and I at the time felt a connection to the house that we looked at, and more importantly with Tammy. 2 months later and we closed on the property and we can say, without any question, we could not have executed this transaction without Tammy’s INCREDIBLE efforts and true professionalism and helpfulness. She helped us navigate and facilitate our way through this sale and purchase.

Tammy was truly our eyes and ears and made sure everything was being accounted for and tracked. Tammy was absolutely amazing helping us through the entire process, and more importantly it grew into a real friendship with her that we know will last for many years. In the back of our heads, we kind of thought before the sale “boy she is a really good realtor, but after we close we probably won’t hear much from her.” We could not have been more wrong. This is when Tammy really stepped up her service. She helped us with setting up property management interviews, contractors for work that we needed done, bringing us coffee/donuts, she gave us comforters and small appliances she had extra at her house, she agreed to let us have some pictures, etc. delivered to her so she can take to house, and giving us overall advice as we begin to get the house ready for rental.

My wife and I both deal a lot in our day to day lives with customer service and we both recognize and are observant to both good and bad service, and what a lasting impression it leaves on someone. You need to be aware and recognize that Tammy is a true gem to you. We are blessed to have met Tammy and honored to have her as our Hilton Head realtor and friend; both my wife and I consider Tammy our Hilton Head Guardian Angel.